Crying Wolf

Aesop wrote a fable to tell us that if we cry wolf when a wolf is not in sight that no one will heed the cry when the wolf does show up.

When it comes to hurricanes and other potential disasters there is no argument that we all need to be aware and make the appropriate preparations for our safety. But if the government and the news media start to cry wolf long in advance of any ability to determine if a hurricane or other disaster will actual have a high probability of impacting a predictable area, and if it turns out there is no wolf, soon no one will pay attention to them. Then, when a strong hurricane does strike, the population may not be ready because they have heard the false cry so many times before.

Having a hurricane form in the lower Caribbean should not be the time for the governor to declare a state of emergency for the entire state, call out the National Guard, and have emergency personnel go into full disaster mode. Someone most use the one thing that we lack the most these days, COMMON SENSE. We only need enough time to prepare not too much time.

Cry wolf when the wolf is in sight, not before.