“Being a male is a matter of birth,
Being a man is a matter of age,
Being a gentleman is a matter of choice.”

# 77 of “A Gentleman’s Guide”

What Choices Do Gentleman Make?
It is all the small things, for example:

1 When they say they will meet you at 1:00 pm, they are there.
2 When they say they will pay you back on Friday, they do.
3 They polish their shoes.
4 They admit when they are wrong.
5 They hold the door open for everyone.
6 They say, ma’am, and sir.
7 They say thank you and please.
8 They remove their hat when indoors.
9 They never say Hey You!
10 They say pardon me, excuse me, and sorry.
11 They listen more than the talk.
12 They will ask for directions when they are lost.