The lessons I learned flying planes taught me a lot about living life.
There are a number of guiding principles when flying an aircraft. Low and slow is bad. There are less lifts in black air. The gauges are right, etc. But the most important principle is to never, never get behind. When you are reacting to what the plane is doing, you are not flying it you’re riding it. Reacting is the right thing to do when riding a bull, because the bull is in charge and you know it. So? Are you riding your life or flying it?
It is discouraging for me to admit that some days I’m riding not flying my life. Not only am I riding, but like riding a bull, getting off looks like a bad idea. What will that bull do to me if I do jump off?
What are my options?
• Risk it and just jump
• Keep riding and see if it will get better
• Change my attitude and enjoy the ride
These don’t sound so good and I seem to be stuck trying to think up more.
I guess I better get to know the bull better, maybe we can find a way to work this trip out together.
So, hey Life, what do you want?