Purpose in Life

When one is focused too much on their purpose in life, they often miss seeing the opportunities that appear within their ability to grasp them. One can accomplish amazing things when they reach out and grab at opportunities that life brings to them.

Yes, some are a waste of time, but even those often turn out to make a wonderful story and a great learning experience.

Those with the greatest number of stories to tell are the happiest. Whether the story is about a failure or a success, they are the ones that are laughing and smiling during the telling.

Those that relate what they wish they had done, never seem to be that happy.

So, I advise you to accept William Cowper’s observation and accept that:

“Variety’s the very spice of life that gives it all its flavor.”

Become one who is laughing at remembering the oppportunities you grabbed. It is okay to never have a purpose in life. It is better to pay attention and let life show you the purpose it has for you.

So pay attention, life may be trying to get your attention.