Serendipity is the word to describe the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way?

That may be the definition, but there is more to it. In fact, at the time things occur in our lives we often do not realize if the events are important or not or if they are a good thing or a bad thing. In fact, it is most interesting that there is no antonym for the word serendipity. Somehow the limits of our language say a lot, even by the things it cannot express. Ponder this interesting point that there is no opposite of serendipity.  

We may think that whatever is happening to us is not happy or beneficial, but it may be too early to tell. Getting fired from a job would not be described as serendipitous, but one month later, when you are in a new job that pays better, that you love doing, and that makes you proud of yourself, maybe then you will see that getting fired was serendipitous.

When things do not seem to be working out well, do not forget the boy digging through the huge pile of manure. When asked why he was so enthusiastically digging in the manure. He answered, “With all this manure, there has to a pony in here somewhere.”