Life offers us two families. One is hereditary which we are born into and have no choice about or in-laws which you have no choice about either. They have names like mother, brother, father, cousin, uncle, sister-in-law, etc. They are called relatives. You have no choice, and either do they. You’re all family. You also cannot control whether they behave in a manner you approve of. You do however have the choice of how your regard them, respect them, and interact with them. You may be related, but you may not like them and they may not like you or be your friend. But they are still family.

We, however can make another family. A family of friends that we choose and who have also chosen us. They have no title like aunt or grandpa, they are just our friends. They too of course also have a choice if they do not want to be your friend, or they change their minds, or drift away, or they just do not care anymore. They can choose to stop being your friend. A choice you too can have, of course.