Philosophers are not great thinkers. They are great observers, great lookouts, and always have their eyes and ears searching for an idea, or a thought that may be floating by. They may hear someone say something, or read a few lines in a book, they may even see an idea float by while they are dreaming in contemplation. The entire world is their vineyard from which they can harvest any thought or idea they come upon.
They do not make up the ideas just as the wine taster does not make the grapes.
Philosophers are spotters, they can tell an excellent idea from a bad one, just as a wine taster can tell a good wine from a bad one. Philosophers point out and explain why an idea deserves one’s thought and consideration just as a wine taster points out which wines we should drink.
Philosophers always remain aware, aware of a great idea or thought when they see one, and they find joy in both the discovery and in the sharing of what they have found.